Pee Dee Food Service has been meeting the on-site food needs of our customers since 1988.  Today, we offer a complete line of vending machines that can withstand the harshest environments and reliably vend a variety of food and drink products. We own and service the machines that we install so there are no hassles involved in having a vending machine installed at your office. Contact us today to discuss all of the pricing plans and incentives we have available to offer your company!

Vending Machine Lineup

Soft Drink Vending

Available in a variety of sizes to vend both bottles and cans.

Snack Center 1

Offers a mixture of snacks, candies, and pastries.

Snack Center 2

Slightly larger than the Snack Center 1 for improved product selection in your workplace.


Offers sandwiches made fresh daily in Pee Dee Food Service’s commissary.

Frozen Gourmet

Vends frozen foods and ice cream.

Hot Drink Center

Offers coffee, espresso, cappuccino, soup, hot tea, and hot chocolate brewed and served in seconds.

Bill Changer

Accepts up to $20 bills and dispenses change in coins and dollar bills.